Don your green and get running


Donning green and dressing up as a leprechaun doesn’t have to be reserved for St. Patrick’s Day parade bystanders and bar hoppers. Wearing festive apparel paired with running sneakers for the fifth annual Guinness Celtic 5K may be the perfect way to celebrate the Irish ~ or at least burn off some beer calories!

What is luck? College students weigh in


’Tis the season to be lucky. St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and Worcester college students are finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In honor of the little guy and his pot of gold, we asked area college students to give us their definitions of luck.

Cougar Bait plans for big year with new album

Cougar Bait

If there’s ever been a band that is primed and ready to break, Cougar Bait is it. Hot off the heels of being voted 2014’s Best Electronic Act at the Worcester Music Awards, Cougar Bait has just released its debut album, Through The Other Side, and has a homecoming show with Sophistafunk at Electric Haze in Worcester on March 13. But how have the members of Cougar Bait managed to separate themselves from the pack? With a very unique and eclectic mix of music genres blended together to create a memorable new offering.

Buckets of Fun: Harlem Globetrotters visit Worcester March 27

Harlem Globetrotter visit Worcester

If Wheaties is the breakfast of champions, then Honey Nut Cheerios is the bedtime snack of the Harlem Globetrotters. Well, at least one. Anthony “Bucket” Blakes eats a bowl of the cereal before bed every night.

Building a family tradition


The family that antiques together stays together. At least, that’s the Farnsworth family way. “It’s a family affair,” said Craig Farnsworth, looking at his wife, Karyn, and two young daughters working alongside him in their boutique, which opened in January. Farnswood, located in the warehouse space behind Higgins Armory, is a store packed with industrial-style artifacts and antiques, salvaged and restored by Craig.