Karen Jerzyk photographs beauty in the grotesque

Karen Jerzyk

“I want my photos to portray a story, but I want the story to be different and personal to each person who looks at it. There’s no right or wrong way to read my photos. I just want people to feel something, whether that feeling is sadness or joy or whatever it may be, I want my photos to have some sort of voice.”

October means Rock & Shock in Worcester

Rock and Shock

It’s that time of the year: The leaves are changing, jack-o-lanterns flicker in the dark, and Rock & Shock is about to make its return to the DCU Center and the Worcester Palladium. From Oct. 17-19, Worcester will be all about Halloween, as the annual horror and music spectacle takes over with an abundance of special guests, live performances and events certain to scare you into the holiday spirit.

Support a great cause at the Monster Mash MS Bash

MS Halloween Bash

Looking for a great Halloween party and the chance to support a great cause? The Monster Mash MS Bash is the event for you. Just head to the Hudson Portuguese Club Pavilion on Saturday, Oct. 25, between 7 p.m.-midnight.

Becker coach helps Hawks soar

Becker College Football

Walk down the corridor of the Becker College athletic offices, and you’ll pass the Hawks’ Battle Call and a Becker Family Covenant outlining the values held by the Becker football family. In Head Coach Mike Lichten’s office, a mantra is prominently displayed: Last Play, Never Quit.

Dining Review: Chuan Shabu

Shabu Chuan

Experiment with the flavors.
Aromatic broths simmering in broad silver bowls right at your table. Baskets of fresh vegetables, seafood and thin-sliced meats ready to be plunged into the broth and cooked to your personal ideal of perfection. It’s the ultimate DIY meal and as healthy as you want it to be.