The Shows of Summer ~ Xfinity Center turns up the heat

XFinity Center

Feel the burn ~ sunburn, that is ~ as you walk through a wide open parking lot in brutal heat, ready to soak up the sounds of music from every angle you learned about in geometry class. After what had seemed like the longest line ever, you’re in, you’ve got a beer and you’ve found your friends. You fumble to check the schedule to be sure you don’t miss your favorite acts. Multiple stages suddenly come alive with energy and the roar of the amps begins.

Dining Review: The Fix Burger Bar

The Fix Burger Bar

Get your burger fix at The Fix

Hamburgers should be a sure-fire smash addition to the Niche Group’s hegemony over Worcester dining. In recent years, America’s been waking up to the realization that the major burger chains no longer serve up meals very fast nor very cheap. What they do seem to offer are expensive marketing and industrial simulations of common food items. We’re ready for something better.

Cook your way to gorgeous skin

Cooking your way to gorgeous

If you want to turn heads with flawless, glowing skin, Scott-Vincent Borba, author of Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous, says having a gorgeous complexion may be as simple as turning on your oven, blender or stovetop. Borba, who has worked with Mila Kunis and Jennifer Love Hewitt, believes in leveraging common, all-natural ingredients ~ both inside and outside ~ for stunning results. Among his favorite tips:

Cool Careers: Local hot sauce is catching tongues

Cool Careers

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~ Confucius

Most people who have started a business and have had success have two things in common: They come up with a product or service that fills a need, and they are passionate about that product or service.

PulseTech: Apps for foodies

Food Apps

From ciabatta bread to finding the best restaurant to take your parents when they’re visiting, these apps will rock your food world!