Dining Review: Mexicali Fresh Mex Grill


It never fails; just mention a Mexican restaurant, and there will be some naysayer ready to insist that the cuisine is not authentic. I was ready to head off all this inevitable criticism in defense of Holden’s Mexicali Fresh Mex Grill.

Worcester VegFest returns to the DCU Center

VegFest 2014

Circle April 6 on your calendar. Worcester VegFest, a free festival organized entirely by volunteers, will celebrate all things vegetarian at the DCU Center. Its organizers describe the Worcester VegFest as “a free festival that brings the local community together to celebrate vegetarianism: an animal-friendly, environmentally sustainable and healthy lifestyle.”

Stylized Movement brings dance back to the community

Stylized Movement

Emily Granholm grew up dancing ~ but it wasn’t always pretty. “My parents sent me to dance because I looked like I was having a seizure whenever music came on,” she said.

Cosmic Unicornz fire the imagination

Cosmic Unicornz

It’s one thing to like what you do. It’s another to love what you do. Now to live and breathe what you love? That’s something special. Melissa Thyden can honestly say that she is a part of that elite group.

Ken Macy doesn’t take his music lightly

Ken Macy

Humble and grateful are two words you might not associate with a successful musician who has recorded five albums and played at venues throughout New England, but those two words certainly come to mind when talking with Ken Macy.