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Everyday Science: Robots get musical


Many of us begin and end our days with music. Our alarm clocks play music in the morning to get us moving, and our iPods play music in the evening to help us relax. We listen to music on our way to work and on our way home. The bottom line: Music is everywhere.

PulseTech: Your smartphone travel toolkit


Wi-Fi Finder
Let’s face it: Losing Internet can cause a minor (or major) panic when you find yourself in an unfamiliar area, such as a new country. As the aptly named Wi-Fi Finder suggests, this free iPhone app provides more than 650,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in 144 countries. Utilizing the GPS function on your iPhone, Wi-Fi Finder will point you in the exact direction of the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot and even includes directions on how to get there. Available on iPhone (free).

Find the perfect Father’s Day gift


Just like there are all kinds of dads, there are all kinds of gifts for dads. So we rounded up a few great ideas from The Task Lab ( that will suit all types of fathers ~ even yours.

Take the ultimate selfie


As everyone with access to the internet should know, “selfie” was named 2013 word of the year by none other than the official Webster dictionary.

Chinese herbs offer natural solution to allergy flare-ups


Spring is here, and in many parts of the nation, pollen counts are soaring, making life miserable for millions of allergy sufferers.