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PulseTech: Apps for foodies

Food Apps

From ciabatta bread to finding the best restaurant to take your parents when they’re visiting, these apps will rock your food world!

Why happiness matters

Happiness Matters

Although some would have you think otherwise, the uniquely human pursuit of happiness is not merely some frivolous idle-time activity for the fortunate few. Far from it. Instead, it is a serious pursuit ~ a duty and responsibility for each of us.

Little known facts about the toothbrush

Toothbrush facts

Good oral care is always a must, but how much do you know about your toothbrush? Leading oral care expert Dr. Gerry Curatola, an internationally renowned aesthetic and integrative dentist, researcher, author and clinician, offers up some fun facts about the toothbrush.

Don’t get burned: tips to prevent and treat sunburn

Sunburn help

While warmer weather means more outdoor activities, it also means carefully protecting your skin from the sun. A common problem during spring and summer, sunburn can cause skin to become tender, red and even scaly. Without the proper protection of sunscreen and clothing, sunburn can cause long-term damage, as well as considerable pain and discomfort.

Spreading hope: Dan Marold tells what he knows

Dan Marold

When you look at Dan Marold, you see a strong, confident man. As a fitness model and athlete, the man who has dated glamorous women like Miss Bikini Universe seems to have a life most men would envy. But when you hear Marold give one of his educational talks, it becomes clear that his life has not always been so enviable.